Sustainable, Innovative, Afro-Utopian Vision


The design straddles between the two big ambitions for the project: one where everything is “skateable” and the other where everything is open, green and recreational.

This is achieved through a design move, where a skateable access pathway winds its way around the park connecting various programs like the skate arena, the skate hub and the landscape. This allows visitors to be nudged through, instead of around the park, creating a tingling invitation to jump into the sport.


In Accra, a rapidly urbanising West African metropolis, the park landscape is built on the understanding of local ecosystems. It is a tropical garden with versatile use and opportunities for urban farming. A recreational landscape that offers shade and respite from the tropical climate.


The Skatehouse is the headquarter of the park. It works as a laboratory for social change, inclusion and equality, by being open to youth in need of a public space. The structure is made up by a volume divided into two blocks and separated from each other by a small inner garden.

Responsibility and urbanity is at the center. The skate house includes a workspace, a gallery and a skate shop, accommodating the needs of the Ghanaian youth, while being surrounded by a beautiful park. At all points, huge windows are overlooking the main skate area, creating a space in symbiosis.


Architect, Saloni Parekh

Landscape Architect, Malthe Morck Clause

Engineer, Jons Ras Pazdzior

Founder, Emil Grip

Founder, Dominique Petit-Frere

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